What is Barber-osophy?

Barber-osophy is Main Street America. It is a practical philosophy of time-proven, common-sense principles that changes hearts and builds businesses. It is a practical approach that promotes effective leadership and a professional image that, in turn, makes good people and good companies even better.  Though the principles are not new, they are often forgotten. Barber-osophy provides an often humorous, gentle kick on the shin that reminds us to apply these common-sense principles.

Barber-osophy has inspired and entertained CEOs and graduates of The Harvard Business School, as well as athletes, coaches, teachers, salespeople, and business executives.  As The Barber-osopher, Terry Sumerlin has addressed men and women from Halifax to Honolulu and from St. Paul to St. Thomas.

Barber-osophy has been developed through both extensive research and Terry’s experience as a trainer, salesperson, author, columnist and speaker. It is an entertaining, informative, and highly practical approach to developing everyone’s human factor in business and in life.

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